Valhalla is an indoor winter festival with a multi coloured display of music styles, disciplines, organizations, artists and performers. An exploration through the nooks and crannies of a convention centre turned dance hall. A stimulating setting, that challenges and surprises, and is all about the experience and adventure. 

In 2012, indoor festival Valhalla was hosted in the impressive Amsterdam RAI for the very first time. Valhalla brings together plenty of local brands known internationally for a magical night showcasing the scene’s biggest names in a dynamic atmosphere full of artists from all corners of the electronic music spectrum. 

Taking place each December at Amsterdam RAI, Valhalla immerses its guests in a winter wonderland where the conventional is challenged by the impossible. Forget about pushing boundaries, this is about redefining the very meaning of ‘normal’. Valhalla promises to arouse all the senses. At the world’s greatest circus, you can expect a night full of wonders, magical mysteries, a dizzying array of worldwide circus acts, and of course a labyrinth of musical styles. 

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