Apenkooi Events is known for organising events with a strong focus on music, creativity and sustainability. Driven by our passion for music we’ve been turning festival sites, clubs and warehouses into true playgrounds since 2004. In an ever changing and challenging industry we’re proud to be one of the most progressive event organisations out there. 

The ambition and expansion drift of our Amsterdam-based HQ has recently led to a worldwide campaign. Since 2015 we’ve been organising events in Barcelona, São Paulo and Tel Aviv to name a few. The main focus of Apenkooi Events however, remains on the Dutch market. 


We always aim to serve the industry’s needs by continuously looking for progressive solutions. 

Apenkooi Events was the first Dutch event organisation to use a RFID (cashless) payment system on a larger scale. Aside from its operational benefits, this payment system has proven to be a valuable data source to collect consumer insights with.  

In order to stay ahead of our competition, we’re constantly engaged with our visitors. Learning what they desire, enables us to truly create next gen playgrounds. Being able to rejoice in our visitor’s happiness is what keeps us going and growing.  


Throughout the years we’ve worked hard to launch several brands in the festival and club industry. Nowadays events like DGTL, Amsterdam Open Air, STRAF_WERK, Pleinvrees, By the Creek, Valhalla, Elrow Amsterdam and The Gardens of Babylon are well known for their music and overall experience. By always combining established acts and new talent, we were able to welcome numerous electronic music fans worldwide.  


Sustainability has always been one of the main pillars of Apenkooi Events. As pioneers, we seek solutions to create sustainable events. Creating awareness for sustainability by collaborating with our partners and getting our visitors involved, is our way of giving something back to the world. DGTL’s Revolution program is a great example of our efforts to introduce innovative sustainability policies into the industry. 

We’re proud to be part of the “Green Deal” which is an agreement between event organisations and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. This agreement describes the common goal to organise waste free festivals in the near future. 


Playground is a brand activation agency, part of Apenkooi Events. Having organised various events since 2004, we’ve learned how to enhance the event experience with outstanding brand activations.  

Starting an agency that specialises in connecting A-brands with their target groups through 360° brand activations was a logical next step. Covering concept creation, production and execution makes Playground Brand Activation an A-Z agency with clients including Heineken, Desperados, Jillz, Smirnoff, McDonalds and many more.  

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