DGTL is the festival of the next generation, where music meets art, sustainability and innovations. Festival enthusiasts who wants to discover new things, be stimulated and surprised, is what characterizes the DGTL spirit.  

The DGTL core consist of music, seeking the latest technology, developing sustainability and making innovations within the world of festivals. A progressive platform where trends on all parts meet the current zeitgeist to create an unforgettable experience. Always mindful of the environmental and social impact, DGTL works with enthusiastic partners to spread their message and expand its reach. 

Founded in 2013, DGTL’s first event took place in Amsterdam. Over the years, the brand has expanded globally to countries such as Spain, Chile, Brazil and India.

DGTL Events

  • DGTL Amsterdam 
  • DGTL Barcelona 
  • DGTL São Paulo 
  • DGTL Bengaluru
  • DGTL Mumbai
  • DGTL Mexico
  • DGTL Lima
  • DGTL Santiago 
  • DGTL Madrid 

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